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JadeYoga Europe: Covid-19 Special Studio Affiliate Program 2020

[ Last update: 29th April, 2020 ]

[Click here to download information as PDF for optimal view]

Dear JadeYoga Friends,

We have previously sent out an email to invite studios to join our Covid-19 Special Studio Affiliate Program in April, which is meant to help our independent yoga studio clients to get through this challenging time. 

As per the current situation, yoga studios need to remain closed until further notice in most european countries. We, JadeYoga Europe, have decided to prolong this program for one month (till the end of May), to continue to support yoga studios, as well as welcoming new studio clients to participate. 
There is a potential to extend the program till the end of June as well, which will be decided and announced in the last week of May. 
You will find the program information including how to participate on this page. 

Special Yoga Studio Affiliate Program

JadeYoga Europe’s Special Studio Affiliate Program is meant to help our independent yoga studio clients to get through this challenging time. We heartily welcome and encourage studios to take part of it.  

1. What does this program offer?

  • 10% off for your students: Your students can buy a JadeYoga mat with a 10% discount code via our website at
  • 10% commission* for you: You, as a studio, will earn a 10% commission on the sale from your students (*credited to your JadeYoga Europe online account, to be deducted from future purchases)

2. How does this program work?

  1. Join us by emailing us at to let us know you are interested
  2. You will receive a discount code from us with further information
  3. Share the code with your students who want to buy a JadeYoga mat or props during the time of this program
  4. This program lasts until 31st May, 2020, the code will be automatically disabled from 1st June, 2020 **
  5. Our team will sum up the sales generated via your code in first week of June**
  6. 10% commission of sales generated via your code will be credited to your customer account
**Should the program be extended until 30th of June, the code’s validity will be automatically extended too. Your May’s commission will still be credited according to the original schedule (first week of June); and June’s commission will be credited to your account in July. 
**We will announce if the program will be extended to June, in the last week of May. 

3. Where to share the code?

You may:
  1. Share it via your online streaming classes
  2. On the phone and messenger chats with your students
  1. Do not share it on social media to the public
  2. Do not share it on coupon codes websites
  3. Do not share it on your website (as it’s still accessible openly from the public)
    !Please note: the code is meant to be for your students only. Sales from codes that are marketed to the public will not be eligible for commissions!
Interested in joining this program? Email us at now!
We’re also asking for your understanding that this pop-up affiliate program is to be set up and tracked manually by our team. We will do our best to serve every inquiry as fast as possible, but please bear with us if there are delays in processing your requests.
Stay healthy! and namaste,
Your JadeYoga Team