Meet Mache
Hey, we’re Mache. We design beautiful yoga accessory storage that supports your practice while honoring the planet. Mache is the result of 11 years of experience in earth-friendly, sustainable design. All of our products are handmade locally in the USA in small batches, and processed clean. We strive to make useful & inspiring goods that reflect responsible manufacturing. Not only is the final product eco-friendly, the fabrication process is too!

Totally Green. Totally Tubular.
Mache tubular storage is designed specifically to support the modern yogi that aims to integrate their healthy routine and sustainable lifestyle into their interior decor.
We strive to end yoga mat homelessness and uplift your yoga props from the dusty floor, out from the hall closet and out from under the bed. Give your yoga mat the proper home it deserves with eco-friendly Mache Tubes.

Sustainable To Our Core
We make designer yoga storage that supports your practice. Crafted out of recycled and natural materials, our eco-storage will keep your mat clean, tidy, and ready to unroll. Why? Because just like you, we love our yoga practice as much as we love the planet.

We promise to:

Celebrate "Green" Materials
We use eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood pulp, breathable natural fibers, non-toxic & water-based coatings to ensure our products are low-impact on the planet and safe to enjoy in your home and workplace

Minimize Carbon Footprint
We minimize our carbon footprint through intelligent product design, local material sourcing (whenever possible), packaging material reduction, and recycling or repurposing of any unused manufacturing materials

Maximize Material Efficiency
Our team maximizes material efficiency as our made-to-order production process eliminates the need for costly unused inventory. All Mache products are packaged to ship using material scraps discarded during the manufacturing process

Invest in Conscious Economies
We partner with local makers, tradespeople, small manufacturers and community leaders who share our values around Earth sustainability and the importance of self-care for life balance

Mache Core Agreements

Make More With Less
Reduce waste by creative and responsible resource use.

Align Action & Word
Live our values. Align what we do with what we believe.

Choose Wisely
Vote with our money. Consciously consume.

Handle with Care
Invest in self-care and the well-being of others.

Embrace Change
Assess, adapt, evolve. Be resilient.

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