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BlooM Yoga Bags offers yoga mat bags of recycled materials and natural fabrics. The bags are made by local initiatives which support communities in developing areas or at European certified factories. We are grateful to show our love for yoga, the planet and all living beings in these beautiful yoga bags.

The BlooM Ragbag yoga bag is a unique, firm and recycled yoga mat bag made by the people of Raghu in Tamil Nadu in India. The employees of the organization Raghu collect used tea big bags at restaurants and hotels. Large amounts of tea have been transported in these, actually very cool tea big bags, from the tea plantation to the companies which sell the tea. After a short time the material is not used any more. What a waste! Because these strong, water resistant big bags are still in great shape and can easily start a great second life. So that’s why we turned this material into firm, water resistant, cool yoga bags.

More than 20 people work for the company and earn a fair income. In addition, materials are reused again instead of being thrown away and become even more waste!

Directly across from Dean Jerrehian’s desk today there is a drawing of the oriental rug store his grandfather built. On the wall, outside under the name is the business’s slogan “Rugs of Quality”. Just as his grandfather built the oriental rug business on quality and service, Dean and his team try every day to do the same at JadeYoga.

Jade is still a family business - in fact the initials J-A-D-E stand for Jackie (Dean’s mom), Amy (his sister), Dean, and Ellen (his other sister). And they are still devoted to quality and service.

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